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56 Redchurch Street

Shoreditch, London

In Progress

SAY were approached by Prescott & Conran - Peter Prescott and Terence Conran’s development company - to refurbish the iconic Lounge Lover Bar in Shoreditch. Our challenge was to create a brand new identity for the restaurant and bar and to transform it into a space that could work all day. The space also needed to cater as a party venue.


The design reflects the building’s prior use as a meatpacking factory. This history is celebrated and subtly incorporated into the proposed design without overpowering it. The main features of the venue are its length, its central volume and industrial skylights.


Upon entering, customers will have an uninterrupted vista along the full length of the space, towards a birch tree standing under a glazed roof at the end of the venue. Existing features are celebrated: The base palette consists of concrete, exposed bricks, natural stone, mild steel, and wired glass. This is punctuated with smoked and white oiled oak, with accents of yellows and rusts.


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