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Amherst Road

Ealing, London


For this scheme, SAY undertook the total refurbishment of a large Victorian family home in Ealing, London. The renovation respects the existing character of the house whilst introducing modern insertions. The lower ground floor retains elements of the traditional character with the use of black and white Victorian tiling in the entrance hall and covings to the ceiling.


The back of the house has been reconfigured as a kitchen and dining area: The rear wall has been opened up and replaced with two large sliding glass doors spanning the full width of the house,  offering clear views to the Japanese-style landscaped garden.


The upper floors become more modern with minimalist detailing. Wide plank Douglas fir timber was used for the flooring and as the finish for the new stairs to the second floor. Located at the top of the house is a Japanese style tatami room; a space for contemplation which doubles up as a spare guest room.


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