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Bath Street

Islington, London


This flat consists of two floors at ground and lower ground level. Originally intended to be office space, the apartment has two entrances: One large glazed office entrance, which provides one of the main daylight sources into the flat, and a regular entrance door via a communal corridor. In addition to maximising daylight into the space, the challenge on this scheme was to create more floor space by introducing a floating mezzanine level, requiring the floor in the living area to be dropped by 300mm.


The clients for the apartment at 2 Bath Street are an ambitious couple in their thirties, interested in art, technology and anything that is different and original. They wanted the space to be playful, with a clean, minimal look and sleek surfaces.They also liked the industrial look. The result is a mixture of exposed steel beams, which contrast against the couple’s colourful soft furniture; a resin floor which sits adjacent to a timber floor; and glass balustrading chosen to limit any obstruction to daylight.

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