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Hare & Tortoise

Chiswick, London


Hare & Tortoise is a popular Asian fusion restaurant chain based in several locations throughout London. The brand has an established style, inspired by Japanese landscapes, and in particular the bamboo scenes of the Arashiyama forest outside Kyoto.

The Chiswick branch embraces this theme; the main concept being forest clearings and the tranquil pools of light created within them.

An atmospheric woodland image was printed across a grid of tiles to set the scene upon entering the restaurant. Thin timber strips then run in succession up the walls and across the ceiling along the main section of the dining area, creating the impression of being encapsulated and sheltered in the woods. The timber strips are punctuated with bronzed stainless steel, adding another material to the palette and reflecting the idea of light filtering through the trees.

Recessed into one wall is a feature niche comprised of carved timber panelling. This was designed to be reminiscent of the grooves and patterns of tree bark.

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