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Shoryu Ramen

Piccadilly Circus, London


Shoryu Ramen in Piccadilly Circus is the second branch of the popular restaurant located on Regent Street. Whilst keeping a similar style and approach to the first branch, we were challenged with a short programme, a small budget and a difficult space.


The restaurant dining space is spread out between two different buildings, with a central passageway which could not be opened up due to structural difficulties. To maximise the space, the bar was designed with a curved wall to draw the customers into one side and through to the other. Mirror strips clad the curved wall to give the impression of a much wider space. Natural materials, such as timber, can be found on the rough oak counters set against the glazing, allowing the customers to look out, and in the vertical timber strips of the shop front. Pebbles and concealed lighting were introduced behind the oak benches to give the space a tranquil, retreat-like feel.

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