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at Centre Point




We were appointed by Rhubarb to create VIVI, a 300 cover fine dining restaurant at Centre Point.


As contrast and respect to the architecture of iconic Centre Point, our design concept takes inspiration from the “Swinging London” of the 60s, a celebration of its playfulness, music and youth culture.


The name VIVI is a nod to the birth year of Centre Point; repeated roman numerals for “66”


The journey from ground floor entrance to the restaurant pays homage to the art, fashion and design of the 60s era, a nod to the optical art of Bridget Riley and the designs of the Eames.


The “British Brasserie & Bar” is divided into four zones: VIVI Bar, Liquid Lounge, Gallery, VIVI Dining. Each zone have a distinct atmosphere and palette that harmonises and coordinates with each other.




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