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WA Café

Ealing, London


SAY Architects were approached to create the identity for a new Japanese Patisserie. Our clients had teamed up with a Japanese chef who trained in Paris, resulting in a successful fusion of Japanese and Western styles of cuisine; taking the traditional French Patisserie and adding a modern twist of Japanese style and flavours.


Until the early 1900s, sugar was a rarity in Japan, only available to the rich elite. The design concept for the space is, therefore, a celebration of this precious ingredient; with the resulting design a sugary feast for the eyes.


A decorative wall of patterned tiles creates the backdrop for the food display, which reflects the lightness and delicacy of the cakes. This subtle frosted palette continues across the interior, sliced sparingly with polished brass. This material highlights the clean lines of the space, adding a Japanese accent to the overall experience.


Directly facing you as you enter the café is a wall with decorative frames, one of which allows a glimpse into the backstage area of the café where the pastries are prepared.




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